Dreigiau Dinas Emrys

What's the game about?

Dreigiau Dinas Emrys is a Welsh second language app and online resource for teachers and pupils (11-18 years old). The game is based on the story of Gwrtheyrn, the 5th century king of the Celtic Britons (Brythoniaid).

Gwrtheyrn wanted to build a fortress in Snowdonia to protect his people from the Saxons. Unfortunately, the walls would collapse every night after the builders had gone home. The mystery was solved when a boy called Emrys announced that two dragons were fighting underground, causing the earth to shake.

Reports of dragons might not be so common in Snowdonia today but the boy's name lives on in the name of the hill, Dinas Emrys.


Dinas Emrys is available for both Apple and Android devices and can be downloaded using the links below. There is also a press pack which has key information about the game and media assets, which can be downloaded using the button below.

Learning resources

Below are a collection of bilingual resources that support the game.

Screenshots & videos